Thursday, 29 January 2015

Money Robot Submitter - The Best High Quality Link Building Software

Link building software is something that has made my blogging life so much easier. As a website owner and blogger, I was keen to drive traffic to my blogs and one or two websites I made, but keeping up with writing regular content and creating back links to spread over the social media platforms, was a little time consuming and felt like too much effort was being thrown in. It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just that I am resourceful and want things to happen easily and effectively. Moreover, link building is a process that takes a hell of a lot of time! Just the process of creating accounts can take up so much of your time and at this point you’ll not even have begun to get going.

Money Robot SEO Software

Confirming emails and setting up email newsletter lists (what do you mean, you’re not doing that already?) are time consuming and labour-intensive. SEO software – like the Money Robot SEO Software – is a link building software which takes out the pain and submits to you the gain. Money Robot is a completely automated software that allowed me to build unlimited amounts of links. The increase in traffic to my two websites and my blog led to a higher number of customers and a remarkable increase in sales.

The User Interface at Money Robot is a Dream

Using Money Robot is like child’s play, it is easily the best piece of software I have ever owned and couldn’t believe how simple the process was. I have now made my own SEO link building campaign and was able to use all the features within the software with consummate ease. I don’t think I could find another piece of software which is as easy to use as this one is. Another feature of the software is that it can make your website like suddenly own an extra 100 pair of hands! This is because Money Robot software contains multiple threading features – imagine the cost savings a company could make by not employing 100 data entry and SEO hunters on its books? I like the use of the word “robot” too because it is really just like that: its software uses all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox to pretend it is real and genuine humans that are using your back linking processes. The most effective element of Money Robot was having customer support answer any queries I had right on my Skype screen too!

Money Robot Submitter Review Video - Tutorial - Discount and Bonus

Money Robot Tutorial - Money Robot Review by moneyrobotreview
SEO link building is a process that requires considerable time. If you’re not using a good SEO software program then you’ll have to spend months in creating accounts, confirming emails and submitting your content to thousands of sites within short time. This is really tedious task if you’ve promoting multiple sites with multiple niches.

A Comprehensive Money Robot Review

With money robot SEO software the link submission process becomes easier and completely automated. This link building software simulates 100 percent human submission which means it has a special button called Process Window. It allows you to see all the work that is being done in background. It spawns IE sessions, and its browser based interface is simple and fast and it ensures human like submissions.

You can build thousands of links and boost traffic to your sties with will lead to large number of visitors and better conversion. Money Robot Submitter comes with best ever user interface and you just need to have simple software knowledge and you’ll easily be able to run your SEO link building campaigns. Let’s have a close look at the features and benefits of this software in this money robot review…

In this money robot submitter review you will understand why its’ the best SEO software that you should buy and we can confidently say that no other link building software on the market that can compete with its fully automatic and intelligent features.

Money Robot supports unlimited website platforms. You can easily submit your backlinks to the following platforms that have support built right in:

• Social Network Posts
• Web 2.0 Blogs
• Social Bookmarking
• Wiki Articles
• Web Directories
• Press Release
• Web 2.0 Profiles
• Article Directories
• Forum Profiles

With the use of this software you can get your site listed on the first page of Google and Bing fast. Once single software can create web 2.0 blog properties, blogs and can upload content and press releases to get you most powerful backlinks.

Salient features of the software

• Smart Submission Process
• Article Spinning & Rewriting
• High Speed Submission
• Artificial Intelligence
• No more search and scrape needed for website lists
• Backlink monitor feature – your Live link Checker
• Auto sites list updates
• Automatic Captcha Solving
• FREE Customer Support
• 30-day money back guarantee

Who all can use Money Robot?

Website owners

Webmaster trying to rank their websites high on Google for their niche keywords.

SEO companies

Being a most advanced SEO tool, SEO companies can use it to boost their productivity by ranking multiple sites of their clients within a short time.

Small and large Media companies

These companies can use it as their blog manager software to distribute and publish the content to thousands of sites and blogs daily. In fact, they can get money robot submitter discount, if they buy it from some websites.

Big corporations

Big corporations can use this software for SEO purposes and as their blog manager software to publish their company press releases and news to thousands of blogs sties and press release sites. Aside from discount, they can also get money robot submitter bonus if they research and buy it from some websites.


You can buy Money Robot at $67 / month subscription or by paying $497 one time fee software lifetime license. You can also get Money Robot Bonus and Money Robot discount with some research online. Especially when you have plans to buy multiple copies.


All in all, Money Robot is the best link building software that offers you full value for money and makes link building process far easy and fast. The software provides full value for money.

Money Robot SEO Campaign Creator Video Tutorial

Money Robot SEO Diagram Video Tutorial

Money Robot SEO Backlink Monitor Demonstration and Review Video

Money Robot SEO backlink monitor software is the fast backlink monitor tool availed to you as a bonus whenever you do a purchase of the Money Robot submitter software. Recently I realized that even includes some details about it on their site. This software comes in handy for those who want to keep track of their live links. It is an easy-to-use tool to check backlinks.

Money Robot SEO Backlink Monitor Software

All you have to do is insert your links list onto Backlink Monitor and from there the software will take over all the monitoring and scanning task for all your links status as well as anchor text details. This software is also capable of searching for all HTML content from inside your url's and will identify all sites containing the HTML content that you specify. The backlink monitor software is the quick and powerful link monitoring software, and is capable of simultaneously working with up to 500 threads. What is more, it comes 100% FREE on every purchase of the Money Robot link building software. This is an extra feature that is extremely beneficial when it comes to verifying backlinks from your campaigns.

How To Use This Backlink Checker Software?

It is designed for use daily in all your link building campaigns. All you need to do to create new links daily is paste all your new links into the software main url's list and then click the start button, and voila! you are done! Its Properties and Benefits  It is very simple to use; you just add your website URL, then your backlinks url's and click the 'START' button. Building backlinks HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! The software is also capable of searching for your specified HTML content from any URLs. This feature comes in handy to enable you prepare your site lists prior to using them in the software. Minimum Machine Requirements for the Software Microsoft Windows Xp or higher, 32 or 64 bits. Recommended minimum RAM size is 500MB while free disk space is at least 50MB. This absolutely FREE tool is very good backlink monitoring software.